Removing barriers to sustainable growth
Removing barriers to sustainable growth
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Designing, Delivering & Maintaining a revenue & profit generator

The Book of Survival

“To live through an impossible situation, you don’t need the reflexes of a Grand prix driver, the muscles of Hercules or the mind of Einstein. You simply need to know what to do!”
Anthony Greenbank

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  1. Export & Import Growth Set Up: Identify possibilities to export? An export strategy. To start up or enhance your existing export activities to give a better return on investment than your home market. In the case of a virgin exporter this will involve identifying the route to market, in competitive situation and possible return on investment. Resources and robust strategy can then be implemented. Understand exposure to the impending EU divorce (BREXIT) and how you can lower your exposure within Europe and identify quickly quick trading wins outside Europe.
  2. Sales & Marketing Plans/Strategy: Identify and implement a consistent and replicable sales process which is both sustainable and successful. What is your competitive advantage? Do you really know or is it changing? Both national and international plans can be created and implemented [& managed if required].
  3. Business Development Strategy: Often what is required before effective business planning can add value is the creation of an overall company strategy that is relevant, current and concise. Working from current & future market place needs the overall strategy can be created around the core skills, services and products of the business model. This is a live process which requires constant review.
  4. Project Management: We can provide project personnel, management tools, processes, plans and project management tips for any type of internal or external project where your companies’ capabilities fall short or would not normally be required for a bespoke project. Project management skills are essential for any complex task, where different outcomes are possible, requiring planning and assessing options, and organising activities and resources to deliver a desired result within budget and on time. Projects come in all shapes and sizes from the small and strait forward to the extremely large and complex. Please review our project management Model which will allow you to see the standard way we initially approach any type of project management requirement.
  5. Board & Management Development : What are the key functions and value of a board? Benchmarking board room activities. Added value identification & training/mentoring support. Corporate responsibility, board values and effective process. Non executive, interim & consultancy support.
  6. Risk Reduction & Exposure: We can show you how to make this a core activity of your board and senior management team & the value for doing this. There are both processes and tools which can assist your decision making effectiveness depending on the size and nature of your companies activities. If resources are identified to monitor this area your company exposure to failure and reduced profits are drastically reduced. This a is one vital part of a robust and smart business model.
  7. Increasing Profitability: We have a diagnostic check which allows us to focus on the areas of profitability and non profitable work practice. We remove the barriers to sustainable net profit growth & warranty our work in this area. Then Innovate – Quantification & Orchestrate to ensure sustainability and a method of measuring and controlling this area of the business model in a simple but concise way. Key performance indicators and core business measure should be presented on a monthly basis on no more than one side of A4. Not 12 pages of gobbledygook!
  8. Measuring Business Performance: If you can’t measure your own business performance you cant own it and therefore you can’t control it. Don’t do anything within your business of any significance without putting in place a process to measure. Only then can you replicate with confidence. This is an areas we are very keen to add value to your organisation.
  9. Sales Growth Tools: Practical tools and processes to manage your existing client base better and manage the acquisition of suspects and prospects for new and more profitable business.

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