Removing barriers to sustainable growth
Removing barriers to sustainable growth
Business Methodology

Our Philosophy

Our business model philosophy is about producing results – not simply “how to do it”. Because we all know that a philosophy on its own doesn’t work – People do !. What makes people work is the clear idea of what needs to be done. It is only when such an idea becomes firmly integrated into the way you think and operate your business that “how to do it” becomes meaningful.

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Business Methodology


We set about to challenge this profession with a set of authentic values that underpin the following methodology:

Strategy, Structure, People and Process (+Products & Markets)

  • We focus on a result which have a positive impact on your bottom line.
  • We agree a clear strategy with the client and benchmark progress and results.
  • We have a clear vision and understanding of the Business Development Process incorporating Innovation, Quantification & Orchestration. In other words when you innovate you must use process and systems to quantify impact and success.
  • Replicate a sustainable profitable process through orchestration.
  • IPL is not motivated by ‘quick fix’ so we use soft skill ingredients to complement hard skill process. The two complimentary resources ensure sustainability.
  • Empowerment of change process.
  • Hands on help that works.
  • Report writing is a means to and end not a result in its self.
  • A warranty agreement promise.

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